Reasons to post to 'The FORUM'

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Reasons to post to 'The FORUM'

Postby russellm » Wed Oct 22, 2008 12:04 am

Reasons to post to index.php The FORUM is now live and NOT in Australia.

G'day ALL,
Yes, the index.php The FORUM is now live and NOT in Australia. Might I suggest to everyone [I began writing this as an email to my friends who are aware of the CRIMINALITY of the rspca], that in future instead of sending all the material in an email, you put that email into a posting to index.php /, the FORUM, and then just send an email to us all with the URL of your actual posting. That way then your posting is ARCHIVED ONLINE, ALWAYS.. [I have just decided I will do that with this email; make it a posting with an ALERT EMAIL to you all.]

Have a look at it, index.php 'The FORUM' now, and decide where you think you would post the emails you may send.

Post on index.php The FORUM , and then you will be able to watch how many people view your email/posting. It may excite comment from some of the mug rspca supporters, who may then add a 'Reply'. Doing a post is just like writing an email. An extra benefit you receive is that your email is then listed in a number of listing. [so now I have to decide upon a catchy SUBJECT LINE, so more people will view this email/posting from those listings].

That reminds me that another benefit of having your email/posting online is that Google and Yahoo et al will index it, and that should bring even more people to it to view it.

Now I have to think of where to put this email/posting. I had to think of a SUBJECT LINE FIRST =>
Reasons to post to index.php The FORUM is now live and NOT in Australia. That suggests, because of its general nature, that it should go near the top. [Because I am administrator, I can place it in

FORUM for GLOBAL ALERTS which is where I will place it. Since I am deciding this as I write it, [I am writing the text Online in an gmail email which I will not send but paste into a WordPad doc and insert some BBCode, but now I am thinking I will put it straight into a posting as there are facilities there on just as in most email programs to add PRINT FEATURES.

-Kind regards,
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