Michael Beatty

Can you now understand the reason he is no longer a TV reporter? Lying, cheating, fiction and abuse!

Michael Beatty

Postby circus » Sun Feb 21, 2010 10:41 am

I have had a run in with him, as I watched the television episode regarding the 150 poodles and rang to adopt 3 as have had poodles before, one was for myself one for my daughter who has one at the moment and one for one of my employees.

When I rang was told the lady had 30 days to appeal and to check their site after the 30 days. This I did continually for 4 weeks and no poodles up for adoption only Blue Heelers and Staffies, so rung the RSPCA again and was again told to keep checking their site. After watching the televison again saw that all but 5 had found homes !!!

So decided to ring and was put through to Mr Michael Beatty, I asked the question who were they given to mates ? those in the know ? oh no they were kept by the people who cared for them as they fell in love with them. This is not what I was continullay told, how come I was told to keep checking their site ? this was a scam,sham from the onset.

I have continually sent e-mails to Mr Beatty, he refuses to reply to most of them, but has had this reply
Yiu're a Poor sick puppy...suggest you see a vet

a great response from a man in his position ..lmao

I may visit a vet as he suggested as long as it is not an RSPCA one ..lol

A very poor epsiode by the RSPCA and one that I wish to follow up until there is a satisfactory outcome.
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