Pet police within the RSPCA at Townsville

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Pet police within the RSPCA at Townsville

Postby sardee » Thu Sep 04, 2008 4:30 am

On the morning of 31 July 2008 a former Qld. Police Officer, now an RSPCA Inspector organiseed a raid on a property about 60 Km south west of Townsville in response to a vindictive complaint by a colleague copper. Without investigating the complaint or allowing the property owners an opportunity to correct any alleged cause for complaint, the pet police siezed stock in trade from registered and respected breeders valued at more than $100,000.00 effectively putting them out of business. The RSPCA later confirmed that the animals, dogs, guinea pigs, rats and mice bred for the pet trade, were all well cared for and healthy. The grounds relied on to sieze the animals were based on an allegation that the animals were innappropriately housed in that the owners had not had time to clean night soil out of cages and pens used to house the animals in a shed overnight to protect them from dingoes, snakes, venomous whistling spiders and other predators. This couple were in the process of constructing a new purpose built facility to house their animals at a cost of about $80,000.00 and are now incurring enormous legal expenses fighting to have their property returned to them. A number of animals siezed belonged to third parties who had kennelled their pets temporarily at the property and, the RSPCA is refusing to return their pets to them. The third parties, some of whom are pensioners, are now also incurring legal expenses to fight for their right to regain possession of their pets. There can be little doubt that this failed police constable belives his appointment as an RSPCA inspector is a promotion within the ranks. Once a copper always a copper and a pommie b....... too. Donations to help fund the fight will be gratefully received by all involved.
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Re: Pet police within the RSPCA at Townsville

Postby robertrogers » Mon Oct 27, 2008 10:37 am READ about RSPCA criminal conspiracy to steal from breeders and sell (foster / adopt) for their own profit.

Bligh Labor Government Policy

Would you vote for a government that passed legislation allowing one farmer the right to seize another farmer's cattle and then sell the cattle for a profit? The Bligh Labor Government has done this with their Animal Care and Protection Act 2001.

If this government then provided this one farmer with the most expensive barristers and lawyers, paid with your monies (GST taxes) making the legal process of getting your cattle back too expensive for you. Would you still vote for that government?

If this government then provided corrupt Magistrates that allowed witnesses to lie about the reasons for seizure of your cattle. Would you still vote for that government?

This is what the Bligh Labor Government has done for RSPCA the biggest animal business in Australia that turns over 100's million $ a year selling animals. The RSPCA is a business and makes enormous profit from Primary Producers and animal owners by seizing their animals and selling them. They get to keep your animals with lies and support from expensive Barristers and Lawyers paid with your donations and GST taxes. The Corrupt Labor Government then bankrupts the struggling farmer who tries to get his animals back using the corrupt courts by giving the struggling farmer the bill for the Corrupt Labor Government's legal expenses and RSPCA's expenses incurred when RSPCA seized the animals.

The RSPCA and the Corrupt Labor Government then take everything the struggling farmer had. The Corrupt Labor Government will take your farm, your home, your future and leave YOU, the struggling farmer, DESTITUTE.

Can anyone vote for such a Corrupt LABOR Government?

The Animal Care and Protection Act 2001, passed by this Labor Government, makes the RSPCA a Unit of the Government (Public Administration). The hundreds of millions of $ in charitable donations by YOU to the RSPCA is funding the Labor Government.

Why do YOU DONATE and PAY TAXES, to the ONE entity, at the same time?

This Corrupt Labor Government now controls the registration of Lawyers, Veterinarians, Appointment of Judges and ....?????

This Corrupt Labor Government DOES NOT CARE about the people and the economy. It is not possible to get justice when this corrupt government has total control over lawyers, veterinarians, judges, ...... - this Labor system of government is corrupt. Read how bad the corruption is at
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Pet police within the RSPCA at Brisbane and Townsville

Postby robertrogers » Mon Jun 01, 2009 4:38 am

How evil is Tim Mulherin - Labor Minister for Primary Industries?

Protest now to and Make him see what he has been doing is wrong.

Tim Mulherin as Minister for Primary Industries and Fisheries has RSPCA with armed Police seize Geraldine Robertson's world famous pedigreed poodles worth $5,000,000 and given, sold cheaply, fostered them to members of the Poodle Club of Queensland Inc. Straight out armed robbery.
Tim Mulherin encouraged RSPCA to go to the media with defamatory statements to incite violence against Geraldine Robertson where Geraldine Robertson was made to live in fear and terror with many months of the most abusive phone calls, with really nasty letters, and was also assaulted. Theft with assault and battery.
Tim Mulherin allowed RSPCA with armed Police to seize all her business records, legally privileged documents, personal records, computer, cash, jewellery and antiques; evidence and information Geraldine Robertson needed to know who her witnesses to the condition of her kennels were. Armed robbery to pervert the course of justice.
Tim Mulherin then allowed and condoned his "agents" to lobby the Courts and the public with a "save the poodles petition" designed to cause Geraldine Robertson even more harm. Perverting the course of justice - intimidating Judges.
Tim Mulherin encouraged RSPCA Lawyers, Clayton Utz, to run Geraldine Robertson out of money and legal representation ($150,000) before Geraldine Robertson gets to the Magistrates Court to seek to have her world famous pedigreed poodles returned to her. Theft with abusing legal process to cause harm before the Courts.
Tim Mulherin employed the most expensive barrister, a Doctorate of Law who dragged the Appeal Hearing from 4 June 2008 to 27 November 2008 arranging for RSPCA "witnesses" for over 10 years ago to give "hearsay evidence" which were untrue, irrelevant and personally prejudiced against Geraldine Robertson, whom by now, was forced to be self represented, to ensure Geraldine Robertson failed in the Magistrates Court. Creates injustice before the Court.
Tim Mulherin witnesses go into court with fabricated evidence, perjury, having intimidated Geraldine Robertson's witnesses and seized all her evidence leaving the only option for Geraldine Robertson to prove on Tim Mulherin's witnesses fabricated evidence that RSPCA were wrong to take her poodles. Crimes against the Court.
Tim Mulherin's Magistrate refused to accept RSPCA witnesses perjury as perjury, and, in later incidences refused Geraldine Robertson the opportunity to prove in the Court witness perjury, fabrication of evidence, intimidation of witnesses - the Court Appeal Hearing was a sham. (was there a promise of promotion to District Court Judge?)
Tim Mulherin's corrupt Magistrate decided not make a decision thus causing Geraldine Robertson to lose by default. The hearing ended on 27th November 2008 at 31 May 2009 no decision has yet been made. Justice delayed is Justice Denied.
When Magistrate Strofield makes his decision and supports his minister, Tim Mulherin, Geraldine Robertson will be charged $800,000 for wanting her stolen dogs back. When Geraldine Robertson borrowed $200,000 to fight for her dogs and suffers such a penalty of legal costs this will be a $1,000,000 penalty for wanting her stolen dogs returned. At the Magistrate Court in Beaudesert, both DPI and RSPCA told the court that neither of them took Geraldine Robertson's dogs!
Tim Mulherin then allowed his agents to have another bite at Geraldine Robertson on 9 January 2009, with a ridiculous 149 criminal charges without any brief of evidence to date, with media defamation again and the whole legal sham begins all over again. Another $1,000,000 penalty when the corrupt courts make the orders against Geraldine Robertson on Tim Mulherin witnesses perjury, fabricated evidence, intimidation of judges, and the lists continues. More punishment for Geraldine Robertson who has been suffering mental and physical stresses since 9 January 2008.
What type of person / government would punish the victim, then punish again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again because the victim wanted what was hers returned to her?

How Evil is Tim Mulherin? find out at

Protest now to and Make him see what he has been doing is wrong.
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