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Postby Public Opinion » Fri Nov 21, 2008 1:51 pm

The RSPCA enjoys a cuddly, caring image, aided by being able to use cute and distressed pets in its endless TV and press advertisements, which ensures that it receives a steady flow of income from donations and legacies.

But behind that image, the organisation has a less pleasant edge. What it is less keen to make public are the activities of a hard core of its staff who abuse their positions of trust to wage vendettas, often motivated by their political extremism, and are willing to lie and perjure to achieve their ends.

Dig under the surface and you will be surprised at what you find. The sadness is that the majority of the people who are involved with the RSPCA are decent and motivated by all the right reasons.

But the political element are the reason that people should ask questions before handing over their cash.

Click ... cd=1&gl=uk and ... 08&aff=rss
and to see what we are talking about.

It doesn’t make happy reading.

Things have got so bad that there is now even a self-help group for those who have fallen foul of the RSPCA’s inspectors.

And, for a different perspective but an equally frustrating one, check out this article in The Times. ... 061091.ece

“But now the RSPCA, in its joylessness, is telling schools that they can no longer have pets. Research by the charity has found that a quarter of schools own pets, ranging from a hermit crab to a horse. Hurrah! A small piece of chaos, of life, amid the regimented drilling that we call school.

“Not for much longer - the RSPCA believes there is a danger that the kids might be too noisy, or the lighting conditions could be wrong, and that the classroom pet may receive variable care from different families at evenings or weekends.”
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