Nurse saves pet from `catastrophe' - RSPCA unavailable

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Nurse saves pet from `catastrophe' - RSPCA unavailable

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Nurse saves pet from `catastrophe'

26/08/2008 12:00:00 AM

THE act of rescuing a cat from an obscure location is perhaps the quintessential community news story.

But it could have been a tale of tragedy this time if vet nurse Jacki Peyton hadn't rescued Mittens.

It was last Saturday week, August 16, that Debbie Paula of Miranda, the owner of Mittens, noticed that her cat was missing.

The next day, Ms Paula found Mittens stuck in a ceiling cavity in her neighbour's garage.

After four days of coaxing, it appeared that Mittens was not going anywhere.

``She was in a very tricky spot,'' Ms Paula said. ``It looked like if she didn't come down, then she might die of starvation. We were able to get water to her, but she would simply not eat because she was so scared.''

Ms Paula called both the fire brigade and the RSPCA, but to no avail.

``The RSPCA told me they had no available inspectors,'' she said.

``And the fire brigade told me they didn't rescue cats.''

The fate of Mittens seemed sealed, but then Ms Paula called Sylvania Veterinary Hospital.

Vet nurses Jacki Peyton and Adele O'Hara soon arrived.

Jackie Peyton said: ``I had to climb up on a ladder and get into the ceiling of the garage.

``The cat was in a pretty good condition after five days of being up there, thanks to Debbie keeping her hydrated.''

Ms Peyton was able to coax Mittens from the cavity and bring her down to safety.

Ms Paula said she was ``elated''.

``I just kept crying,'' she said.
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