Is this Google CENSORSHIP, & to protect a CRIMINAL?

The Organisations called the royal society for the prevention of cruelty to animals [rspca] in the UK and each state of Australia are some of the greatest parasitic organisations of bullies and lowlife known to man. It is likely that there are similar organisations in the US. Here is the FORUM in which to EXPOSE THEM AND THEIR ACTIONS.

Is this Google CENSORSHIP, & to protect a CRIMINAL?

Postby russellm » Mon Dec 08, 2008 12:34 am

Is this Google CENSORSHIP, & is its purpose to protect a CRIMINAL?

Is this Google CENSORSHIP, & to protect a CRIMINAL?


CLICK HERE or on any of the images to read the FULL STORY of how
Google CENSORSHIP is protecting a CRIMINAL. We do not know if that was the intention but it is the effect.


Is this the beginning of the end for Google? Maybe if you have shares in Google, now may be a good time to sell. If you do not have Google stock, and wish to make a profit in these difficult times, now may be the time to SHORT-SELL Google shares. did not censor the Search results. Maybe should be your preferred search engine from now. This censorship was Google's choice.


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