Rodney Adler & Marcus Einfeld FRAUDS & CONTEMPT

This is the FORUM for CANADIANS to EXPOSE the parasites and dumb bullies that use ANIMAL CRUELTY LEGISLATION so they can feel powerful and bully other people. Just as we have found in the UK and Australia where the rspca [royal society for the prevention of cruelty to animals, or more appropriately, Rip-off Scum Pretending to Champion Animals], operate, the rspca are EVIL, CRIMINAL BULLIES AND COWARDS, who think nothing of killing animals, and will do anything to be seen to be right. See the announcement in this FORUM.

This FORUM is part of the CANADIAN STRATUM, of the Global Internet Self Help Justice Network.

Rodney Adler & Marcus Einfeld FRAUDS & CONTEMPT

Postby russellm » Wed Apr 08, 2009 9:30 am

Rodney Adler & Marcus Einfeld FRAUDS & CONTEMPT

CLICK on the links, HERE , or on either photo to learn the details.



Fariborz Moshfeghi Nejad says,
"Above is a photo of the
Darling Harbour Retail Complex and SIX [6] of my TEN [10] 'Green and Gold' retail shops. These, together with my other retail businesses, had a conservative value of over $20 million. I, and my extended family, who were all working with me, and part owners, in these businesses have been defrauded of the total value."

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