This is the FORUM for CANADIANS to EXPOSE the parasites and dumb bullies that use ANIMAL CRUELTY LEGISLATION so they can feel powerful and bully other people. Just as we have found in the UK and Australia where the rspca [royal society for the prevention of cruelty to animals, or more appropriately, Rip-off Scum Pretending to Champion Animals], operate, the rspca are EVIL, CRIMINAL BULLIES AND COWARDS, who think nothing of killing animals, and will do anything to be seen to be right. See the announcement in this FORUM.

This FORUM is part of the CANADIAN STRATUM, of the Global Internet Self Help Justice Network.


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To date, [20080812], Canada has seemingly been spared the EVIL of the organisations in the UK and Australia called rspca [royal sociery for the prevention of cruelty to animals]. These groups care nothing for animals and are all about spin. They are all about money, for them, and to gain maximum publicity for themselves by running high profile cases of alleged animal cruelty. They lie, bully, cheat, steal and are one of the greatest confidence rorts in the UK and Australia. These rspca commit some of the cruelest acts against vulnerable people and animals. They are quick to kill animals and blame others for causing them to have to do it, and that insufficient funds have been donated. Rather than 'kill' they call it 'euthenase'. They do it to gain more publicity, money and to spend what they have on themselves, and to beg for more money. This is what awaits you, CANADA.

If, by this forum we can diminish the evil of the Canadian legislation, we may be able to 'wind back' the legislation in Australia and increase controls on the rspca in both the UK and Australia. Exposing their evil is the goal. We can help each other.

Being part of the the Global Internet Self Help Justice Network, this FORUM and the CANADIAN STRATUM, of which it is part, will not have its effectiveness diminished, by being swamped by the GLOBAL EXTEND of this network. Rather, being a distinguishable part [stratum] of this network, will give it the phenomenal Google Yahoo ratings/rankings that are gained by the Network and transferred to it by our parent website HaigReport. This heightened Google Yahoo rankings of the many websites, strata, bulletin boards and forums [fora] will occur due to the integration of all of these elements, the Global extent of the coverage, the breadth of aspects, and the structure of the network.

Go for it. There are many blank pages awaiting your comments.

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