HSUS raids in Canada

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HSUS raids in Canada

Postby Sandra » Mon Oct 06, 2008 5:49 am

It's scary to see the HSUS involving themselves in this way in a foreign country. Their international arm - HSI (Humane Society International) seems to me to be a dangerous, insidious organisation and have involved themselves in supporting proposed animal rights legislation here in my state of NSW Australia. I will post more about this group in future in the international section of these forums.

http://humanesociety.org/pets/pets_rela ... 00208.html

Canadian Puppy Mill Animals Transported to Maryland October 2, 2008 ©Grzybowski/The HSUS The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) transported approximately 50 dogs and cats rescued from a Canadian puppy mill to its Gaithersburg, Md., office Oct. 2. This was the first puppy mill bust conducted in coordination with Humane Society International, the global arm of The HSUS. "This bust is just the beginning of our work to eradicate puppy mills on an international level," said Stephanie Shain, director of the Stop Puppy Mills Campaign. "The cruelty of puppy mills knows no boundaries and we will not turn away from dogs in need simply because they are stuck in a mill outside U.S. borders." Hundreds Saved Members of The HSUS and HSI Animal Rescue teams were able to save 110 dogs, seven cats and one rabbit from this overrun breeding facility just outside Montreal. The dogs, ranging from Boston Terriers to French Mastiffs, were living in piles of their own feces, and many were suffering from obvious medical conditions such as open sores and severe skin conditions. Skeletal remains were found still locked in cages inside the home, and a pile of burned animal remains was found in the rear of the property. The HSUS worked with HSI to raid yet another puppy mill north of Montreal this week. Rescuers saved more than 220 dogs during this second puppy mill bust. These animals are now resting comfortably at the Canadian Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals’ emergency shelter. New Beginnings The Washington Animal Rescue League [WARL] will be taking in all of the dogs transported to The HSUS. The HSUS' 75-foot specially equipped animal transport vehicle will be met by two WARL vehicles at HSUS headquarters where the animals will be unloaded and transported to the WARL shelter. Once there the animals will be evaluated and put up for adoption. This journey marks a happy new beginning for the neglected dogs. "After rescuing these dogs from their previous lives of neglect and abuse, I am deeply touched to now see them begin their journey towards finding loving, forever homes," said Scotlund Haisley, HSUS senior director of Emergency Services. "Although they had been housed in deplorable conditions, the dogs still crave human love and attention. These calm, sweet animals possess a remarkably resilient spirit and deserve to become cherished family pets."
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