PET MAFIA in Queensland Sponsored by rspcaqld Inc

This is the Category on this BEWARErspca Bulletin Board, part of the Global Internet SELF HELP Justice Network at for publishing Details of rspca Shonks & Shysters [ie ones who 'use' the law to cheat others] in Australia. [The server is not in Australia.]

PET MAFIA in Queensland Sponsored by rspcaqld Inc

Postby russellm » Sat Aug 16, 2008 2:40 am

BOOKMARK and WATCH THIS SPOT. We will develop here as part of the Australian STRATUM of the Global Internet Self Help Justice Network the whole sorry saga behind the rspcaqld Inc sponsoring the PET MAFIA in Queensland, with the assistance of the corrupt and fraudulent Department of Primary Industries & Fisheries see ... l#evidence /, under the auspices of the 18 years of the past 20 years of malevolent labor government in Queensland. The corrupt DPI mantel has been willingly accepted by Tim Mulherin. No-one, at present, is safe in Queensland, especially if they have pets, and the more pets they have the greater is the risk for them.

We will hyper-link to sites on our Global Internet Self Help Justice Network of the EVIDENCE/PROOF of CORRUPTION in the Queensland MAGISTRATES COURT and the SUPREME COURT OF QUEENSLAND, while naming some of the CORRUPT JUDGES and MAGISTRATES.

The Queensland labor government, continuing from the CRIMINAL destruction of the Heiner documents, by the nefarious Goss labor government, is the source of, and major beneficiary of this PET MAFIA. Integral parts of the PET MAFIA are the DPI&F, which controls an extremely willing and willful duo of the rspcaqld and the Canine Control Council of Queensland, of which the Poodle Club of Queensland Inc. is a member.

This report will be an integration of various aspects covered across all of these links, below, on the Global Internet SELF HELP Justice Network of Websites, Bulletin Boards and FORUMS. Google Yahoo et al will just LOVE IT.

PET MAFIA in Queensland Sponsored by rspcaqld Inc
Colin J Strofield [Corrupt magistrate ex Police Solicitor] /.
Walter H Ehrich, Corrupt Magistrate since 10 October, 1994
Henri Elias Rantala, another perjuring pig
check this dummy's photo /.
Monica Antony, another perjuring piglet
[check her photo -more like PIGlet or BIGlet /.

rspca FRAUD & CRIME masquerading as charity

FORUM for naming +more of Australian Fraudsters .
Fiona Ferguson, DPI's Corrupt Rubber Stamp for Corrupt rspca CRIMES

Sue Graham, FRAUDULENT Poodle Dog Breeder .
Tracey Jackson, rspca CRIMINAL & DUMB FRAUDSTER .
Shane Towers-Hammond rspca perjurer & FRAUDSTER
Douglas Porter, Registrar, 'til 28 January, 2009 of The University of Queensland [how did this bully find his way in here] .

Queensland Government's Dept of Primary Industries&Fisheries
Queensland's Canine Control Council
Poodle Club of Qld Inc.

Pedigree Poodle Breeders: BEWARE FALSE & BOGUS 'Pedigree' Certificates

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Re: PET MAFIA in Queensland Sponsored by rspcaqld Inc

Postby robertrogers » Sun Sep 07, 2008 10:48 pm

Tim Mulherin Minister for Primary Industries and Fisheries is running a pet mafia.

A Mafia group associated with the DPI&F and RSPCA are using the resources of these two organisations to steal pets from pet breeders and sell them for their own profit. This mafia is well established in Brisbane and Shayne Towers-Hammond is extending its operation to the Rockhampton Area. Using film crews and their editing facilities, perjury in statements and courts, and media defamation and bullying tactics they construct a false case of neglect against the owners. The distribution network uses groups like the Poodle Club of Queensland and selected breeders. The influence extends through the RSPCA, DPI&F and Courts. Yes there are corrupt Magistrates supporting this operation. The Magistrates enforce cover up. When witnesses are caught perjuring themselves this perjury gets covered up. When RSPCA officers intimate witnesses this also gets covered up. When RSPCA Officers raid a person's premises and take all the evidence that they could use to show their pets were cared for this gets covered up. That the RSPCA Officers come and steal jewellery, cash and other personal property is not investigated by Police. Tim Mulherin's Mafia has brutal power in the pet Industry. There is a forum for further comment and statements. viewtopic.php?f=4&t=36 /

Geraldine Robertson has $2million in poodles stolen from her. The media defamation resulted in 3 months of continuous threats and abuse on the telephone. She had numerous people stop at her kennels and abuse her. She had stones, cans and bottles thrown at her. She has been made to live in fear and terror for the last 8 months. She still has a lump on her head where she was hit by a bottle. The Police do not investigate or do anything for her.

The RSPCA have put a liquid, maggots and other material onto one of her dogs and filmed it as evidence. This is then accepted as proof of neglect in court. When perjury can be proven the Magistrate steps in and protects the RSPCA Officer perjuring themselves.
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Re: PET MAFIA in Queensland Sponsored by rspcaqld Inc

Postby robertrogers » Tue Oct 21, 2008 9:17 pm
The Bligh Labor Government has corrupted the Courts when they took over the law Society. Now all the lawyers bow to government demands and the only way seems to be self represented. But then the Magistrate acts corruptly and protects RSPCA witnesses from having their perjury discovered, allows fraud - the substitution of mongrels for $5million worth of world famoue pedigree poodles that were producing pedigree puppies being exported for $6000 each.

Geraldine Robertson, read about her appeal to the District Court at, has had to appeal to the District court because of the cover up and lies and fraud in the Magistrates Court. If the coverup of lies and fraud extends to the District Court then up to the Appeals Court she will go, she said. There is a need for a public awakening, a learning about how evil and greedy RSPCA have become, with the labor Government encouraging them to fund their operation by stealing animals.

They should be investigated by the Police, but the Police say the RSPCA are part of Government and they cannot investigate other Government Departments. Apparently the Animal Care and Protection Act makes the RSPCA a unit of public Administration. This means that the RSPCA is owned now by the Government and they are part of the Department of Primary Industries.

The Bligh Labor Government has its hands in the till getting charity to run the government from unsuspecting well meaning public. What a fraud the RSPCA now are!

Donating to the RSPCA is like paying taxes when you do not have to.
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Re: PET MAFIA in Queensland Sponsored by rspcaqld Inc

Postby AlanHandcock » Tue Oct 28, 2008 2:16 am

Queenslanders should be aware that the RSPCA is now a QANGO government Department administering the Animal Care and Protection Act 2001 and they are not about caring for animals any more. They get their Government funding form seizing and selling farmer's stock and the DPI turns a blind eye and lets them do it. It is their way of funding the pet police. The real Police will not investigate RSPCA Inspectors who steal property while searching people farms and under the law the RSPCA Inspectors have Police powers. Becaue RSPCA still claim to be a charity the CMC will not investigate.

The RSPCA can lawfully enter and search anyone's property looking for stock and pets. they can lawfully go through the bedroom drawers looking at underwear and nothing can be done to stop them. Stopping them from doing this is a criminal offence. One old lady had all her nickers stolen along with her wedding ring, gold necklaces, cash and other jewellery by an Inspector Daniel Young. Young denied it when confronted. This perv was seen fingering the underwear and his erection was obvious. Later that day there was a wet spot visible in his trousers. The bastard was getting off on it.

Lonely old women should live in fear of this power being used for purposes such as rape and pillage by RSPCA Inspectors.
Everyone should know thay had a right to be present when they take things. Do not let them out of your sight. You do not have to leave them steal your property, ou are allowed to watch them do it. When they tell you to wait outside do not. you do not have to give them a free go.
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Re: PET MAFIA in Queensland Sponsored by rspcaqld Inc

Postby robertrogers » Mon Nov 03, 2008 8:40 am

The heads are rolling at RSPCA Brisbane. Mark Townend, the CEO, is in the process of resigning and a large number of the Inspectors are under investigation for criminal acts such as stealing personal property while on their raids, of running a black market selling seized and stolen animals for their own profit. Even the RSPCA Veterinarians have been in on the scam. They have been declaring healthy dogs as being in need of veterinary attention so they can be kept. Many very valuable dogs have been "put down" when actually they were sold.

Nanda Ten, the kennel manager, has made large profits from selling pets on the side. Many of the other animal rescue officers are in on the scam. The pet mafia story about the town is turning out to be true. It appears the investigation is uncovering a criminal conspiracy to steal pets and sell them for profit.

The growing anger in the community is bringing RSPCA's reputation into disrepute. The CEO, Mark Townend is the first to go and another 15 look like following him. Some are destined for a small jail sentence as the investigation and charges are laid.

The powers to be are working hard to keep this quiet so don't tell anyone - you are not supposed to know. Note the CEO's, Mark Townend's, engagements have all been cancelled. There is a rumor that Townend has booked a flight to the USA to escape the jail sentence he expects when the investigation completes. His offshore bank accounts are all full and brimming. The scam has been cash and auditing is near impossible.

The criminal regime in Queensland is coming to a bitter end (for the criminals involved) and not soon enough. Perhaps RSPCA will begin to care about animals again, rather than ripping off poor farmers, breeders and pet lovers and then defaming them with fabricated evidence while they collect the loot.

You are the first to hear - date now 3 - Nov 2008. So watch this space. There is lots more covered up scandal to be exposed.

You learned it first here.
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Re: PET MAFIA in Queensland Sponsored by rspcaqld Inc

Postby robertrogers » Mon Nov 03, 2008 1:03 pm

WHAT IS RSPCA? WHO IS RSPCA? ?????????????????

Q. What is the difference between a dead dog on the road and a dead RSPCA Inspector on the road?
A. There are skid marks in front of the dog.

Q. What do you call a bus load of RSPCA Inspectors going over a cliff?
A. A good start

Q. What is the difference between a cat fish and an RSPCA Inspector?
A. One is a grime sucking bottom dweller, the other is a fish

Q. What do you have when there is an RSPCA Inspector buried up to his neck in sand?
A. Not enough sand

Q. A ship sank and only two RSPCA Inspectors survived, the rest were eaten by sharks. Why?
A. The RSPCA inspectors received professional courtesy from the sharks.

"I'm beginning to think that RSPCA Inspectors are too interested in making money."
"Why do you say that?"
Well they rehome dogs they steal for $285.00 each

Q. What does one RSPCA Inspectors say to another RSPCA Inspector going on vacation?
A. Can I help you pack your shit? -Shayne

Q. How do you know when you're in a RSPCA Shelter?
A. All the animals kneel to pray!

Q. Why do so many RSPCA rescue bitches have STD?
A. Now, think? why do they steal so many bitches.

Q. An RSPCA Inspector goes into a brothel and asks for the prettiest, youngest thing availible.
A. The owner replies, "Sorry, we don't sell puppies to pigs"

Q. How do you know if you're at an RSPCA picnic?
A. The hotdogs taste like shit!

Four RSPCA Inspector are sitting in a hot tub. They notice some sperm rising to the surface. One fag says, "Ok, who farted?"

Q. What's the difference between a refridgerator and an RSPCA Inspector ?
A. The fridge doesn't fart when you pull the meat out!
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Re: PET MAFIA in Queensland Sponsored by rspcaqld Inc

Postby AlanHandcock » Wed Nov 05, 2008 1:06 am

Say yes to puppies being sold in pet shops. If these people get their way it will become illegal for children to grow up with pets - We need to stand against this type of controlling big brother bullshit. When I was a child I had a dog, cat, ferrets that I used for rabbiting and enjoyed killing and eating the rabbits. It is nature's way to farm and hunt to live and survive. I often went shooting with a .22. It was my job to kill a lamb, slaughter it, and bring it home for the refrigerator. I chopped many chicken heads off, plucked them and prepared then for the dinner table. When people begin to weaken society by denying reality they make us weak and vulnerable. Poor diet and nutrition caused by false values of not eating meat is not the answer. Cows, sheep, chickens and other farm animals have a large population and the species survives because they are farmed for food. Stop eating them and they would no longer be farmed. This would being on another mass extinction.

Face facts. Let the market operate. The evil "do gooders" should go to hell with the devil where they belong. Say yes to pets being sold in pet shops and no to bastards like these people -
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