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Healthy female "dog" to breed with Parson Russell Terrier, to produce ASSISTANCE DOGS.   Rochedale South QLD 4123
I wish to breed from my Parson Russell Terrier. He is a trained assistance dog. He has a wonderful nature. The breed of his mate could be varied or a cross; eg Parson Russell Terrier, Jack Russell Terrier, Beagle, Bull Terrier, Bull mastiff, Staffy, and/or Fox Terrier plus many others. She does not need to be "pedigreed". I am very protective of my dogs. She will become very valuable to me and become one of my assistance "dogs". If we can assist each other, please contact me on my contact form, including your email address and your landline phone number so I can phone you to discuss. 

Because I am disabled and have an LLB [so therefore understand the Law surrounding disabilities and assistance dogs] I am now branching out to providing Assistance dogs to disabled persons [even if disabled in only a minor way and so not even realizing it]. This is not a business proposition but rather just a very necessary service I can offer to the community.
Many people have a disability and do not realize their ailment or "problem" is by law, the Disability Discrimination Act 1992 (Cth) [DDA], classified as a "disability". This is especially so for people getting on in years, and who have a dog, and are maybe moving to accommodation where they are told they cannot take their dog. In a majority of cases, those people cannot be legally forced to surrender their animal/dog.
I will be assisting those person who already have dogs, but are being forced, unlawfully, to dispose of them because maybe they are moving accommodation. I can train your existing dogs to be assistance dogs and provide the documentation as required by the Disability Discrimination Act 1992 (Cth) [DDA]. I do not intend to charge for this, but just maybe cover some marginal costs.

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RSPCA ANIMAL RESCUE: SOAP OPERA and CYNICAL MARKETING EXERCISE Aired on Channel 7 Wednesday 27 February 2008

RSPCA ANIMAL RESCUE: SOAP OPERA and CYNICAL MARKETING EXERCISE Aired on Channel 7 Wednesday 27 February 2008

Let us look first at the dogs. Neither  Madam nor Scraps showed any suggestion of psychological damage, which would result if they had been kept – as alleged - in close confinement for six months and not once given a run in all this time.  Madam had skin problems but both dogs appeared well-fed and showed no suggestion of muscle wastage or weakness.
More discussion below Hot ToPics:   

The little terrier had allegedly been mistreated over a long period, yet when taken from its kennel, its hair was shiny, well-groomed and soft, as if someone had been very kind to it over a long period.  Did this aggressive little dog have personality problems or was it trained for use in television shows?  

Now to the struggling cow which did not succeed in looking as exhausted as the commentator  claimed.  Were those plastic utensils strapped to her head really meant to keep the huge mass of a cow afloat? The farmer, or actor, said he thought the cow had been in the river for three days.  Then this became a fact.  After three days in water she would have had pneumonia. Even without such an illness, she would have been wobbly and exhausted and taken a while to move easily once she was back on land.  Why did it take so long to get a vehicle to pull her out?  Was this ignorance or a ploy to create tension in the soap opera?

Five farmers have told me that the shape of that cow was not the shape of a cow about to calve and the little calf shown was definitely not recently born. Newborn calves are on shaky legs for a while and cling to their mothers.

The RSPCA man commented that he felt great satisfaction in helping this cow.  How would he have felt if another RSPCA person had come along and shot her?

Among Ruth Downey’s cows that were slaughtered on 14 June 2007  was one which she and her sister had rescued from a similar situation.  These two ladies  were very pleased to have saved the cow. Never could they have imagined that a few months later an RSPCA “inspector” would shoot her.

All Ruth Downey’s slaughtered cows were in superior condition to the cow on television.

Is it any wonder that I view Animal Rescue as a cynical marketing exercise designed purely to bring in hefty donations?