Form to Contact [by email] & MAKE VALID COMPLAINT to:
ASIC [Australia Securities and Investment Commission] &  

Kerry M. Stokes,
Executive Chairman,
[Channel] Seven Network Limited, and
Director, West Australian Newspapers Limited.
MediaWatch, ABC TV. 
[We suggest that you copy the URL from your  message posted on our Bulletin Board, and paste that into this message to ASIC & Kerry M Stokes, and simply refer him to that URL.]
Subject: = {COMPLAINT to ASIC [Australia Securities and Investment Commission] and Advice to Kerry M. Stokes from client/user of website re rspca improper/illegal/CRIMINAL conduct & ITS [rspca's] PROMOTION BY Seven Network Limited: Details of this COMPLAINT are at the URL at as indicated in the body of this email. [A copy is also being sent to that Wonderful Community Service MediaWatch at ABC TV.]} -


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